Understanding Courier Services and Logistics

Understanding Courier Services and Logistics

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The use of a courier services company, whether it be for personal or business purposes requires an understanding of the practices utilized by these companies in order to understand how they have come about, as well as understanding the costs associated with such services.

Firstly one might want to know where and how courier services came into being, and one could consider the occurrence of the well known ‘Pony Express’ in the US that provided much needed communications over the vast areas of when the various areas were being settled and established. However one could not really qualify this as being a courier services option really, but rather the beginnings of a postal service as such. However the importance here is that one can see the basis for the courier services and logistics applications which are essential within the provision of such services.

Following the development of the various post offices, and postal systems across the world, both businesses and individuals were left to the mercy of how these institutions operated, and of which were largely monopolistic within their practices in the respective geographic areas. This still holds true in many areas around the world. To this end folks needed a way to send parcels, documentation and deliveries via an option that allowed for a more reliable, and often times quicker delivery as compared to that of the postal service, which is not to say that all postal services are inefficient. Hence the courier services companies came about, which offered a more flexible approach within the collection and delivery of items for their clients and which is often times a lot more convenient as compared to the standard postal services option.

Naturally with the improved delivery service a sound logistics plan and process must be in place with any courier services company. This logistics plan together with the advancement of technology is exactly what allows the end user the opportunity to track their delivery through the various processing centres that the courier company utilizes throughout the delivery chain. Additionally this investment by the company within such logistics technology and software applications allows for management to measure the efficiency and efficacy of their various efforts within providing courier services to their clientele. This will in turn allow for them to ‘tweak’ any parts of the delivery or processing chain to optimise the entire process.

When selecting a delivery service company some folks will want the ability to track the item in question, which provides both an accountability aspect of the delivery, as well as adding peace of mind in knowing where, and when the parcel or delivery is within the overall process. Some companies actually incorporate a minute by minute tracking system, which can be seen as the ultimate in terms of logistic systems and delivery management options.

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