Conservatory Too Hot? Let Window Film Solve the Problem

Conservatory Too Hot? Let Window Film Solve the Problem

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When the summer heat rises the heat in your conservatory goes through the roof. You’ve spent a lot of money on your dream conservatory and as soon as the sun comes out its too hot to use. Not only that but the heat from the conservatory can even radiate throughout the rest of the house. Air conditioning units are very expensive and conservatories can be so hot that they often don’t work effectively. Blinds are very expensive and often the fabric heats up and then radiates that heat back into the conservatory, they also collect dust and dead insects, becoming a pain to keep clean. Furthermore they block the sky which is one of the benefits of buying a conservatory in the first place. Solar inserts are another option but these are not suitable for glass and, whilst they’re not as dear as blinds they can be a little costly.

The most effective solution to you solar heat problem is a solar control window film. One of the market leaders is Coolkote, Coolkote is one of the only films that’s suitable for polycarbonate as well as glass. Coolkote will stop nearly 80% of the solar heat and the same amount of glare, making viewing of your TV screen or reading a book much easier. Coolkote, also stops 99% of the harmful UV rays meaning that it will protect your furnishings from fading damage caused by the suns rays. Coolkote has a light Grey diffused appearance. When installed to a polycarbonate roof it looks very similar to the actual polycarbonate, however if installing on a glass roof you can use a standard solar window film such as a reflective film. These will allow better vision out of the roof as well as stopping slightly more heat and glare than Coolkote too. A reflective window film is even slightly cheaper than Coolkote as Coolkote is s special film for polycarbonate. Window Film Singapore are available in a large range of colours such as silver, Grey, bronze and even gold, green and blues so cater to every taste.

Window Film Singapore are self adhesive and require no special tools, all you will need is a spray bottle similar to what you may have for the garden, some Johnsons baby shampoo or washing up liquid to mix with some water to use as a slip solution, a sharp knife, glass scraper and a hard rubber squeegee. You’ll also need to people to install the film or alternatively use a professional installation company.

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