Body Composition scales: Are They Accurate

Body Composition scales: Are They Accurate

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Body Composition Analyzer

Are body composition scales accurate? This is one of the top questions people ask as they research to buy a body composition monitor and scale. In this article, you will find the answer to that all-important question and more.

What would you do depending on whether the body composition analysis is accurate or not? If it is not accurate, rather than abandon the concept of monitoring your body fat percentage and health related body composition results, you may still find that there are several other reasons why it could still be helpful to have a body composition analyzer and scale at home. Body fat scales use a method known as bioelectrical impedance (BIA) to analyse your body composition. They run a light electrical current through your body, measure the degree of resistance (or impedance) to the flow of the current, then use this information to estimate your body fat percentage, with no risk involved at all.

If you are overweight and begin an intense exercise routine to get in shape, you could be losing fat while gaining muscle at the same time. However, if you were just using a normal scale, you would see that your weight is staying the same or maybe even increasing. This could leave you frustrated and make you give up on the excellent results you were actually achieving. If you were using a body fat scale, you could have seen that your body composition was changing for the better, and you were actually making great progress.

While this is the best technique available for consumer body composition analysis, they are not always 100% accurate. Several variables can affect the results, inaccuracy of these measurements arise depending on how your body is at the time you measure them, including when you last ate, how hydrated you are, your skin temperature, body position, whether your feet are dirty or highly calloused. In order to obtain the most accurate results, users should always use the scale at the same time of the day and never on a full stomach. The good news is that if you measure yourself around the same time and physical condition each day, your measurements will be comparable over time. This will allow you to track your progress.

As with any product these days, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of body composition analyzers available. They are convenient, fairly accurate, and relatively inexpensive. You can do a quick search on Google and/or Amazon, and you will find a wide array to choose from.

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